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Tough times and strong friendships should go hand in hand……

Many people today are facing immense challenges in their lives. I commented just the other day to a friend, just how impressed I was to see the level of challenges facing some people and how they are able to rise above them on a daily basis. This post is dedicated to all of those people who are facing issues and rising above them….

We are encouraged to man-up, be brave and rise above obstacles that come our way and we do this on a daily basis.  In all of this daily accomplishment we sometimes encounter decisions, processes, obstacles and problems that we, by ourselves, can not overcome.

It is during this time and that we find ourselves at our weakest or most vulnerable, as a result of insecurities, uncertainties and/or fear. We can be tempted, during these times to “chuck in the towel” or “throw our hands in the air”  We may also resolve to keep on cracking on in the way we have always done in an attempt to take on the issue by ourselves.

It is during times of testing that you will need resolve, but, you also need to surround yourself with people who can help you. It is not a weakness to elect to get help and this help need not be the obvious help from professionals. It is the help that comes from people that you can genuinely trust, it is the help that only comes from people who love you unconditionally and are looking out for what is the very best for you.  It is a friendship that is unselfish in its outlook.

This then is an encouragement to all of you out there facing tough situations……..

Faith is never tested like it is until you face issues that you cannot resolve yourself. True friends though, help you see this and help you stay true to your core beliefs.  They look to help you on Your Path as opposed to helping you out on their path. This is a fundamental differentiator and one that is core to a genuine friendship relationship.

So, go out and make loads of friends, colleagues and acquaintances, but seek in all of these to find some gems. Look for people that you don’t even have to ask to get alongside of you, when times are tough, because they know this already.  People who will share your burden, even carry it awhile, and will always look out for you first.  It is tough to find these friends, but they do exist. It is tougher though to be a friend like this and something that we should all aspire to.

To my wife and my mates a big thank you!


Mike • March 16, 2012

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