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10 Tips to keep calm at work (from FM Life)

desk1.jpgReading the FM (Financial Mail) I came across so valuable information in terms of managing your stress within the office context. I have put these in and will be trying some of them to see if in fact they help. Below listed in no particular order.10 Tips to keep calm at work (from FM Life)

• Take regular breaks to stretch, walk around, shake you arms
• Don’t overdo the stimulants – coffee, tea, energy drinks. Don’t drink coffee after noon and try herbal teas instead
• Look up from your computer screen for at least one minute for every 15 minutes. Train your eyes on the distance, moving them around the room, to relieve eye strain and prevent headaches
• Breathe. When you are stressed or preoccupied you may tend to breathe shallowly. Remind yourself to take deep breaths from your belly, not your chest
• Focus on one task at a time. Multitasking dissipates energy; use it only as a last resort.
• Get out of the office at least once a day. Take a walk in the sun use an umbrella if it is raining.
• Listen to music.
• Take five minutes for a power meditation – close your eyes and visualize something calming (swimming, walking in a forest)
• Have a laugh – preferably with someone or the whole office will think you have finally lost it.

I have dropped their 10th point (use lavender oil on you pulses) in favor of one of my own…. The best way to relieve stress at the office is to ensure that you always………. under promise and over deliver


Mike • April 6, 2008

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  1. Nata April 17, 2008 - 2:07 pm

    About one minute of deep belly breathing takes a lot of tension out of your system, You can play some relaxation video at during this minute or two.

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