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Nokia e90 soon…….

nokiae90communicator_top.gifLike a kid in a candy store, without any money, I have watched several strangers walking around with their new Nokia e-90’s.  I have wanted one of these for some months but have tested myself as far as not going out and buying one.  I was really tempted a few months ago in the UK and then India, but on both occasions successfully stepped away from the temptation.  Even when a good friend of my, also a Nokia users, went out a did the unthinkable to buy the HTC Tytn 11, and I was tempted to buy the e-90 simply to show him how good it really is, I resisted.  The good news is that within the week I am likely to have my new toy and I can just about wait.

I have been a Nokia fan for more than a decade now and they have yet to disappoint me.  I have dabbled in this time with Samsung and Motorola, but have always felt that they have fallen short of the mark.  I use my phone you see, no really use my phone (e-mail, sms, phone, presentations, modem device etc) so need a really business focused tool. Nokia would appear to, well in my eyes any, put together the best when it comes to business communication devices, offering products which can deliver.

Sitting here now in Pringle bay (South Africa) with my e-61 acting as my modem, I am reminded that this is the age of connectivity and truly Nokia are the best at connecting people.  Anyway lets just say that as soon as I have the new addition, I will gladly boast of all of it’s capabilities.

Mike • April 5, 2008

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