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Passion will unlock strength and will lead to success…..

I have been thinking about this topic over the past few days, this as a result of me trying to decipher why some people appear to be successful despite “obvious limitations”…..


Inspiration hits whenever

Then you get those wonderful days when you meet someone or see something that helps put life back into perspective

We are all a hero to someone….

So a thought crossed my mind today…..I am a hero, maybe not to most of the people that I encounter in my day, but to my children I am. I had a great day off work (although marginally interrupted??!?) and managed to get to the beach with my wife and children. There I was “flipping” a…

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Oil price down Dollar strengths I smell a rat..

The link between the dollar strength and the drop in the price of oil cannot be simple economics or can it. With the global economy heading south, one of the ways to turn it around is to get the American economy consuming at the levels it was 12 months ago.I sometimes come up with these…

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