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We are all a hero to someone….


So a thought crossed my mind today…..I am a hero, maybe not to most of the people that I encounter in my day, but to my children I am. I had a great day off work (although marginally interrupted??!?) and managed to get to the beach with my wife and children.

There I was “flipping” a very small cricket bat in my hand, looking like a real tosser to most, when my son says “hey you are cool dad”. Hot on his heals is my beautiful daughter who says “yip”. I sort of shrugged it off and carrying on with packing up. It has not left me though and in fact has grown somewhat.

So I want to encourage you today, no matter what you do or how lowly some of you may be thinking of yourselves. You are indeed a hero!!

Sit back now and think about this. Think on the great things that you have done, I promise you you have done some great things. If you achieve nothing else today make sure that those who are dearest to you know that you care about them. Remember hero’s make other people feel great because of what they do and not necessarily who they are.

So here’s my great idea for today go out there and be someone’s hero!


Mike • April 9, 2009

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