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I am concerned that the DA, FF and ID are laying various charges against the players in the saga of the Zuma charges being dropped. Not because I don’t agree with the fact that we need the truth, but more so that their attention is being drawn away from gathering support for the April 22nd elections.

The average South African is really concerned about the Zuma affair (on both sides that is) but really believes that little will come from the judicial process that is going to change the outcomes already set out. If the NPA is guilty of “waisting” the tax payers money in terms of the case – so what, what can the possible outcome be here, pay it back?

The DA is going to spend money chasing Michael Hulley about how he got the “tapes” – so what if he had them illegally. This is not going to change the decision of the NPA and this is only going to be heard in June anyway?

Focus people instead on getting your supporters to the poll. One bit of research shows that some 18% of registered voters are still undecided (not sure I agree with this figure) I guess though it does point to the fact that there is still opportunity to gather voters and this must be your focus.

The only thing I would support from a court point of view is Vavi’s request as made in his speech yesterday: “Number 1 must go; Number 2 [Ngcuka’s wife and former deputy president Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka] must go. All of those who conspired [against Zuma] … must pay in the court of law,” Vavi told a crowd of several thousand people gathered on Durban’s Esplanade to hear what amounted to Zuma’s victory speech.

If Vavi is willing to go after the conspirators then I think the opposition politicians must support this call. This will mean that the truth, whatever that is, will come out. So support this and ask them at every turn “when are you going to lay the charges against Number 1 and Number 2?”

Then finally a word to all of the opposition politicians out there. Each of your represent a party with goals and ideals and therefore a support base with similar goals and ideals. You all however share one common fact, you are all opposition parties. By definition you are only in opposition to the ruling party. You need to focus on growing your own party support base by taking shots at the ANC and not at each other.

I listened to part of a broadcast of a “town-centre meeting” at which 16 parties were represented. Well I must say the ANC must have loved the way that you all cut each other up? Crazy folks crazy.

I am begging you all (yes begging) to focus on your task at hand which is to grow the opposition ranks into a meaningful base that can halt the dominance of the ANC.

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Mike • April 9, 2009

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