The Running Commentary

Opposition Politics losing focus….

I am concerned that the DA, FF and ID are laying various charges against the players in the saga of the Zuma charges being dropped. Not because I don’t agree with the fact that we need the truth, but more so that their attention is being drawn away from gathering support for the April 22nd…

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Opposition Politics kicking into gear

I read this morning that the opposition political parties in the Western Cape Province are looking to creating an alliance to ensure that the Western Cape, after next years elections, remains out of the hands of the ANC. I think that while this is laudable in that it ensure some sort of accountability in terms of the ruling…

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The Economics of change

The shift in power is certain to bring about some sort of economic policy change with South Africa. This is true if the alliance partners within the ANC have anything to do with it. President Motlanthe, is simply and interim position, a political solution to try and stop the prosecution of Jacob Zuma. The effect…

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