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Opposition Politics kicking into gear


I read this morning that the opposition political parties in the Western Cape Province are looking to creating an alliance to ensure that the Western Cape, after next years elections, remains out of the hands of the ANC.

I think that while this is laudable in that it ensure some sort of accountability in terms of the ruling party and also means that the opposition can claim one of the nine provinces, and a big one at that, this is still way off effective opposition politics.

To be truly effective the opposition needs to create a unity that stretches across individual parties, under a joint leadership that in effect creates a single effective party.

I am happy to see that this steps have started and hope that this is the begins of some serious opposition politics in this country. Remember only an addition 630 000 votes are required by the opposition to effectively ensure that the ANC does not have a two thirds majority in the house. 

I think that this is completely possible and would encourage every South African to ready themselves for the April elections next year and ensure that you exercise your vote.

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Mike • October 4, 2008

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