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On Mmusi Maimane and the Democratic Alliance

They will not though emerge as relevant party anymore. Certainly not while they have a colonial apologist in the position of FEDEX chair.

Zuma gets one more obstacle out of the way….

So as many of you will know the ANC MP’s will vote in favour of the scraping of the Special Investigations Unit aka the Scorpions. The move will see the formation of a unit operating from within the SAPS. While we still have to see the debate in parliament, it is a forgone conclusion! (So I…

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Opposition Politics kicking into gear

I read this morning that the opposition political parties in the Western Cape Province are looking to creating an alliance to ensure that the Western Cape, after next years elections, remains out of the hands of the ANC. I think that while this is laudable in that it ensure some sort of accountability in terms of the ruling…

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ANC may lose two thirds majority!!!

Many people have asked me, over the past two weeks, what I felt the political landscape would look like post the elections in 8 months time. So I decided I would put down my views and see if anyone agrees or disagrees with them! The ANC will win the election (sheer volume of votes will…

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