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Zuma gets one more obstacle out of the way….


So as many of you will know the ANC MP’s will vote in favour of the scraping of the Special Investigations Unit aka the Scorpions. The move will see the formation of a unit operating from within the SAPS. While we still have to see the debate in parliament, it is a forgone conclusion! (So I am awarding them the dung ball in anticipation of this vote!)

What we are seeing here is the effects brought on by a weak opposition base.  The formation of the new party emanating out of the ANC cannot come faster as we need to see the ANC lose it’s two-thirds majority in the house, so that they cannot force legislation through. Zuma is effectively moving another obstacle out of the way in his bid to reach the hot seat.

My desire would be for all of the opposition parties to see significant growth in terms of their voter turnout. I am of the opinion that we could see a massive change in the political landscape of this country should this occur.

I urge all South Africans to educate themselves on the various political party options available, in the country, and then to turn out at the polling booths. You will have no right to comment on the situation unless you have placed your mark, thereby attempting to have your say.

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Mike • October 21, 2008

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