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Nokia e90 one more convert!


I have been thinking how to write this post for some time as a I had a feeling that a good friend of mind, albeit that he once called the HTC TyTnIIC better than the Nokia e90, was going to relent and purchase the e90. I then realised that the opening line says it all. Equally my firends will know that humilty is not a strong point of my mine so, I could go on about “I told you so!!” but I won’t.

TB has relented and he called me last evening to confirm that he has purchased arguably the best communication tool, in terms of mobility, the Nokia e90. It has taken him a little of 5 months to eventually make this switch, but the fact is he has made the switch. Good decision TB and welcome to the club!

Exchange Server for e90Mobile CommunicationsNokia e90

Mike • October 22, 2008

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  1. TB October 23, 2008 - 9:56 am

    I have to say having made the switch, that Nokia could learn a few things form the TyTnIIC. However as it is only day one let me give the E90 a chance. The one thing I love is that I have a real phone interface to use with buttons rather than a touch screen that relies on good luck to dial the right number when you are using your fingers (which is what normal people use to dial numbers when using phones). Thanks Mike.

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