The Running Commentary

Opposition Politics losing focus….

I am concerned that the DA, FF and ID are laying various charges against the players in the saga of the Zuma charges being dropped. Not because I don’t agree with the fact that we need the truth, but more so that their attention is being drawn away from gathering support for the April 22nd…

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Will Zuma get a fair trial???

So I am intrigued by the statement by Carl Niehaus that the ANC believes that JZ cannot get a fair trial and that there are too many “trials by media”. By implication JZ’s rights to a fair trial have been impeded. I must say that this statement attempts to place the judiciary in a poor…

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Zuma the courts must still decide!!

The judgement in the Jacob Zuma case took two hours to hand down and covered some 25 000 words. The state clearly did not follow process and may well have messed up the opportunity of ever bringing a case against Jacob Zuma. The findings whilst comprehensive and damaging to Mbeki did not say that Jacob…

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I’ll take them all down!!!

Nothing says I am guilty more than passing a threat to bring others involved with the issue down with you. Below an extract from which lead this story this morning.  ANC president Jacob Zuma has vowed to take down other officials if the State continues to pursue him for alleged corruption in SA’s multi-billion rand arms…

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