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I’ll take them all down!!!

question markNothing says I am guilty more than passing a threat to bring others involved with the issue down with you. Below an extract from which lead this story this morning. 

ANC president Jacob Zuma has vowed to take down other officials if the State continues to pursue him for alleged corruption in SA’s multi-billion rand arms deal.

Pietermaritzburg – African National Congress president Jacob Zuma on Tuesday vowed he would take down other officials if the state continued to pursue him for alleged corruption in South Africa’s multi-billion rand arms deal.

Speaking at the end of a two-day court hearing on the legality of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money laundering charges laid against him last year, Zuma told his supporters that the “whole truth” about the arms deal might be revealed if he were put on trial.

I am really concerned by these remarks, because this is supposed to be our future president. This is the same person that has for the past couple of weeks been on a world-wide tour meeting with leaders of the world and telling them that nothing will change in terms of economic policy etc.

The world will be watching this with very cautious eye’s the investors in particular will be looking at the potential outcome, coupled with the constant threats that “somebody must die” if Zuma is found guilty.

I re-iterate my stance on this issue that the judicial system must be allowed to run uninhibited by state and defendants alike, else we will deteriorate into a Zimbabwe style fiasco.

We need the leaders of the ANC to calm the juvenile leaders such as Julius Malema down, his rhetoric is damaging the very fabric of the struggle that he purports to be representing.

Let’s all work towards the truth and if other people must out and been shown up then let that be. Maybe Patricia De Lille was onto something when she put her now infamous dossier together. Hopefully the arms deal is not going to become our very own “grassy knoll” (JFK assasination) blemish.

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Mike • August 6, 2008

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