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Will Zuma get a fair trial???

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So I am intrigued by the statement by Carl Niehaus that the ANC believes that JZ cannot get a fair trial and that there are too many “trials by media”. By implication JZ’s rights to a fair trial have been impeded.

I must say that this statement attempts to place the judiciary in a poor light.  If anything the very fact that JZ has been to court (38 times – where the is smoke there maybe some fire?) and then walked away without charges must indicate that the media has had absolutely no bearing on the outcome of the cases.  My view simply is that now that the NPA has got it’s act together there is a very real threat that JZ will in fact stand trial and will in fact be found guilty.  The horror of this is what is actually driving the comments from Niehaus.

We do not have a jury system and our decision process coupled with the appeal process and then finally the constitutional court process means that at the very least, JZ will have three opportunities to challenge the accusations.  What has to happen is that JZ must stand trial. Many will say ” but he is innocent until proven guilty” unfortunately for JZ he is not a “normal person”.  He is asking a country to follow him as potentially the next president of the country. This means that he needs to prove that he is innocent.

This is not just a trial through the courts but will always be a trial in the public arena. There will forever be a cloud of doubt hanging over him if he does not go through the legal process – this is a fact that cannot be escaped.

If in this process more dirty laundry is needed to be aired, then this is what is going to happen. If JZ “brings down others” in the process then this is what needs to happen. Ultimately for the country to continue to enjoy a high profile on both the African and International stage we need leaders that are impeccable. Truly above reproach.

I cannot pronounce guilt or innocence in terms of JZ, I can though,  like many other, speculate about his guilt or innocence and the longer people speculate the deeper the damage that will be done. This damage is not only to JZ but also to the ANC party. If I were advising JZ I would be saying prove your innocence or maybe prove your relative guilt if there are other involved.

Maybe just maybe however there is a real fear that he is in fact guilty and there actually is very little that can be done about that????

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Mike • February 4, 2009

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