The Running Commentary

Fools and Liars……..

The ANC clearly has much that it needs to sort through and their National Working Committee must feel a bit like it is paddling up stream without an oar! The revelations around Carl Niehaus are absolutely startling and reading his CV one must say that this guy had some gonads of note. He absolutely led…

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Carl Niehaus resignation……..

So listening this story this morning one is struck with the obvious question: “Why if the party knew about Carl Niehaus’s financial woes that they would even consider putting into this position?” I must admit to be absolutely dumb founded by this move.  The party is already dealing with so much bad press around Jacob…

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Will Zuma get a fair trial???

So I am intrigued by the statement by Carl Niehaus that the ANC believes that JZ cannot get a fair trial and that there are too many “trials by media”. By implication JZ’s rights to a fair trial have been impeded. I must say that this statement attempts to place the judiciary in a poor…

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