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Carl Niehaus resignation……..

dungSo listening this story this morning one is struck with the obvious question: “Why if the party knew about Carl Niehaus’s financial woes that they would even consider putting into this position?” I must admit to be absolutely dumb founded by this move.  The party is already dealing with so much bad press around Jacob Zuma, why have their spokesperson, with effectively the same issues, facing the media.

It would be interesting to see the fall out from this and how they intend to move…..

The winner of today’s dung ball without a doubt the ANC for appointing Niehaus to this position despite his apparent financial indiscretions. What makes it worse (well in my opinion anyway) is that Niehaus says in his letter than while they knew about the issues clearly neither party wanted it to become public knowledge. Hell you have to love the transparency here??

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Mike • February 13, 2009

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