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Why Madiba??


So the ANC, perhaps at the request of Madiba, hauled this great 91 year statesman out to ask him to give his support to the ANC.  This was a fine move as seeing how much adoration this man holds in the eyes of the people is truly amazing. I would vote for the ANC if he in fact was still the leader.

However and this is the big thing, he no longer is the leader of the ANC, instead we have a completely different bunch who, I think, were using the opportunity to counteract the COPE – Mama Mbeki vote.  At the same time clearly some sort of a veiled attempt to try and cast themselves in the same light as Madiba.  Gentlemen, and I use this term very lightly, you are not even close to the same league as this statesman.  You simply have took much dirt on your hands to even be mentioned in the same breath.

Madiba, will never forsake his party, but I am sure, at the same time, that if he had any authority left he would make sweeping changes to those at the top. Deliberate very hard before next you make such a move, this man is not a puppet to be hauled out in an attempt to dupe your followers.  The political landscape is changing, many say already has, and the people are making up their minds.  Madiba will not change the hearts of those who are already disappointed with the ANC, they will be voting along different lines.  

This is good news for our democracy – we will see a change and no longer a one party state but a true democracy with true accountability.  No more fake “ad hoc” committees, no more inquiries with outcomes that support one thing and a cabinet which votes only along party lines.  Viva South Africa Viva change is coming and we will grow from strength to strength as a result of it! 

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Mike • February 16, 2009

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