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Julius Malema orator of note!!


Education Minister Naledi Pandor “must use her fake accent to address our problems”

Heaven only knows why this guy would now turn his gaze to one of the best ministers this country has seen for years. Pandor has arguably one of the toughest roles in the country and here we get this guy making this type of comment.

I was glad to read the statement from the ANC below, but fear that it will once again amount o nothing more than a wrist slap..

“Malema’s comments are uncalled for and unacceptable. They suggest a lack of respect for the dignity of the individual concerned and the important work they have been entrusted to undertake,” party spokesperson Jessie Duarte said.

My advice to the ANC…This guy is seriously tarnishing  your image (for Julius this is not varnishing this is a bad thing) and you need to get him out. Many of the younger, less militant and up and coming youth of the ANC are embarrassed by his utterances.

This folk may just show their unhappiness by voting for the opposition politics in this country. Not that I am against this, I am not a supporter of the ANC, but can feel people who support the ANC cringe each time this guy takes the podium.

Loose canon no longer describes him, simply put he is an out of control menace and does not deserve any airtime at all.

So today the dung ball goes to Julius the orator who thinks not and talks alot! The greatest weapon that opposition parties have.

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Mike • February 12, 2009

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  1. The Devil February 17, 2009 - 3:21 pm

    Have you noted Koos van der Merwe’s reply to Malema’s latest verbal diaorhea which I found quite funny. I had a very similar post on Dreams Schems & Themes last week. Great minds think alike!

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