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Visas for the UK…….what it says about home affairs!


When this news broke a few days ago, most everyone I know said “this is really an issue!” Why have the poms done this. The answers that came were two fold. 1) South Africa is apparently a point of entry for terrorists and 2) Our passports seem to have a high probability of being forged.

The second one for me is the main concern. Firstly a criminal can get their passport “issued” faster than a legitimate citizen, clearly greasing the palms of some very needy government official. Secondly what does this say about our home affairs department that another government no longer “trusts” our passports.

While there has been much said that the decision may be reversed at a later stage, I think that the minister in charge of this department should sit up and take note. The UK government is saying you are doing a lousy job. While you may not agree with them the fact is that you cannot prove otherwise and until you can we are going to inconvenienced with needing to apply for visa’s. At 65 pound a shot this is not just a time issue but a real cost that needs to be incurred.

So Home Affairs big up to you and you get the dung ball today!

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Mike • February 11, 2009

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