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SAA on time both ways in one day!!


Well as many of you will know SAA often takes flack from me over their customer service levels, and I must say that they certainly still have much remove for improvement. I do think though that it would be remiss of me not to talk about the positive when it happens.

Last week I flew to Johannesburg on the 6:00am flight from Cape Town and then returned that same day on the 19:00 flight out of Johannesburg. Typically when I do this one but more often than not both of these flights are late. Well on Thursday we were treated to not only being on time both ways but in fact 15 minutes early in both cases.

So well done SAA (or at least the pilots) as for the on-board service well…….Going up not so bad, coming down the flight attendants seemed to recognise a few of the passengers. This meant that a few lengthy conversations went on while the bulk of the folk waited for their grub and drink to arrive. I would be nice to get the “full package” once!

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Mike • February 11, 2009

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