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We are all South Africans……


In the noise over the NPA’s decision to drop the charges against Jacob Zuma, let’s not forget that we are all South Africans and not one people group is greater than the rest. We owe it to the people, who fought so hard to change the past to take this country forward, to remember this.

Our country is an amazing place, all we need is for everyone who truly believes this to cast their vote on April 22.

Below a really cool description that illustrates how diverse we really are (thanks to Mr Baggins for this see Dreams, Schemes & Themes)

“South Africans are after all a bunch of Dutchmen and Souties, Charras and Hotnots, Shangaans and the Xhosa Nostra, Bushies and Afs. Goms. Porras. Lebs. Crunchies. Zots. Mlungus. Japies. Boers. Chinamen. Makwerekwere. Rooineks. Rockspiders. Makwankies and Hanskakies” according to “The Art of the South African Insult” by Sarah Britten.

Love it man…

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Mike • April 8, 2009

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