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Often times we allow ourselves to fall into the “pity me” trap. I find myself in this space from time to time and normally take my frustrations out on those nearest and dearest to me.  I, as I am sure many others do, believe that somehow I am more important that those that are around me.

Then you get those wonderful days when you meet someone or see something that helps put life back into perspective. This post is from this space, my life and the issues that I am dealing with have been prioritized a little differently, for today anyway, as a result of this encounter.

You will know that I am a bit of novice at the social media platforms, but I do enjoy Twitter. It helps to fulfill my need to get instant communication and allows me to “meet” a lot of folk that I would normally have not had the privilege to “meet”.

One of the best things that happens on Twitter is that you get people who start to “follow you”, you in turn, normally anyway, “follow back”.  Typically I will check out a followers profile before following them back and this often times involves me reading their other platforms (normally blogs).  Following back is sort of an unwritten rule, or maybe it is written and I have not come across the rules yet? I digress a bit….(I am a bit prone to do that, but you know that!)

Anyway, today one of MY new followers has really caused me to sit up and say “Phew!”

Her name is Tracy Todd – Her bio reads “I am a C4 quadriplegic. Although I need a wheelchair to get around, it is most certainly not what defines me as a woman!” So I spent some-time reading her story on her blog

You need to read this story folks! I am not sure that I have the words to adequately express the impact that this honest well written (actually spoken) blog will have on you. This post of mine is not meant to highlight her disability but rather the way in which Tracy approaches life and how we should. Life will throw up huge obstacles and challenges. You will battle to get over or conquer them. You may not be able to conquer them all, but make sure you try at least. Hide your emotions sometimes, let them cascade out of you at other times. Laugh when you can and cry when you need to.

So to end..Thank you Tracy for sharing your story and thank you to Chris Yelland for encouraging you to write this blog.  I hope that you continue to influence many many people!

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Mike • April 16, 2010

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