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Jacob and Julius who will win this battle?

The article below says it all from a reporting point of view.  My post stems purely from a sense of immense disappointment and frustration.

Why the hell can’t these palookas get this right? Julius Malema must have some really hectic stuff in the cupboard that he is threatening to pull out.  If the president and his advisors truly believe that it is okay to let this guy off the hook then they must surely have lost their spines.

This guy is not the only member of the youth league and their constant inability to curtail him his building his power base. Helen Zille appears to have called it on Sunday, on Carte Blanche, saying that Malema is going to be a big issue for Zuma.  The people’s tolerance is going to wear very thin, very quickly.

Jacob Zuma is being defined by this lack of action.  He is fast becoming disliked by many South Africans for his inability to stop Julius Malema’s reckless tongue.

Mr President, you have the power to stop this silly little man. Surely you must have enough faith in your supporters that they would back you and not Julius Malema. Or are you saying, by your actions, that Julius Malema is more powerful than the ANC? surely not.

Surely an organization of such high moral standing has the ability to stop one of their members from behaving inappropriately? Surely, an organization tackling corruption with vigor and gusto has the ability to halt the rants of just one person. Or is it that your organization is out of control at many levels?

The ANCYL owes it’s existence to the ANC, without the ANC there is no ANCYL, there is only a YL. Let them go off and form their own political party. It will last all of five minutes as they throw chairs at each other!

So I will once again award my supersized dung ball award to Jacob Zuma and his team that appear, for now at least, to be letting Julius Malema rule them.  If the press conference this morning says that this report is wrong and in fact he will face disciplinary steps then I will withdraw this award.

Stand up Mr President have the courage to take this man out!

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Mike • April 20, 2010

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  1. dean April 20, 2010 - 9:06 am

    I loved the comment about ANCYL only being the YL without the ANC.

    But I personally am scared of the youth that follow the YL because they follow blindly and, as with most youths they want things to happen immediatly and don’t have the patience to wait for things to happen and when they dont happen in the way they want it to happen then the only thing they resort to is violence. Very scary

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  3. Mike April 20, 2010 - 10:10 am

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for your commentary. Certainly agree that youth are somtimes living with a sense of immediate gratification. I do think though that with the correct posturing your can get a new more accountable leadership in place

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