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Why Lead SA?


A number of people have asked me why I support the Lead SA initiative and have questioned whether it is a result of some sort of income stream or the like.  Let me start out by saying that I am not remunerated in anyway for my showing my support. I do not work for Prime Media or any other of the Lead SA sponsors.  I am just an ordinary South African.

 I use the word ordinary only to illustrate that I am like any other South African. I believe though that at some fundamental base level, this country is an amazing place to be in and it truly has the potential to be an awesome player on the world stage. I do not think that there is anything ordinary about this country.

Like many of my fellow South Africans, there are things that really set my blood to boil and I have huge issues with the way certain things are managed, or not as is the case sometimes. I am particularly biased in my aggression towards taxi drivers for example.  I truly hate their style of lawlessness when it comes to negotiating traffic, and often find myself becoming hugely frustrated with them.  This would be my pet hate I guess.

I am embarrassed, along with many other South Africans, about the level of crime in the country and the general flouting of the law that seems prevalent across all of the populace. I feel that often we condone much too much when it comes to our approach to breaking the rules. I am not talking only about the big crimes. I am talking also about the “smaller ones” that we all perpetrate on a daily basis.

As I said a little earlier though, I do not think that there is anything ordinary about this country. This is the reason for me showing my support for the Lead SA campaign. I think that this campaign, if adopted by all South Africans, has the potential to effect major changes in this country. These changes on an individual level might seem small, but when combined they have the potential to effect major shifts.

I get really excited when I see positive shifts in attitude among people and would view these as the catalyst for change. Understanding and cultural respect is something that we, as South Africans, need to show more of.

 My support is one of the ways that I can keep myself focussed on the goal of effecting positive change. So I hope that I have answered some of the questions why I show my support and to all of my Twitter pals I hope that you don’t get too peeved by my daily #LeadSA tips.  Viva South Africa Viva!

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Mike • December 8, 2010

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