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Whos Hungry for Hungary???

mclaren new picRather a corny opening title, but it was the best I could come up with…..

With a little under 20 hours to go before the start of another race weekend, the confidence in the Mclaren camp must be at an all time high. Lewis sitting on a hat trick has a very real opportunity to close out his opposition with a great drive.

With variable weather conditions being predicted, Ferrari must be worried as both Kimi and Filipe have not really covered themselves in glory when it comes to wet conditions this season. An added dimension is that this pairing have been given the go ahead to race one another for the rest of the season or until one of them emerges as a clear favorite to challenge for the title. This will mean that we could see some rivalry between them.

As Mclaren can testify to though, rivalry within the team could bring some interesting issues to the for.

I am certainly looking forward to what promises to be a good weekend and as always heres hoping to an eventful but safe race for all of the drivers.

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Mike • July 31, 2008

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