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Nokia e90 3 months in……

nokiae90communicator_top.gifI am happy to report that after 3 months of use the e90 still outshines it’s rivals as far as I am concerned. I have upgraded several issues using the guides from the Nokia site and everything went like clock work. The exchange server functionality is second to none. I see that the Apple iPhone is adding it to it’s features as well.

GPS functionality is better than I could have hoped, so my need to by the Garmin has completely gone away. As a modem it performs are well as any 3G modem on the market.

Nokia’s latest release of PC Suite 7 has added a new dimension with the ability to view text messages on my pc, send them from my pc, check calendar appointments etc. One of my colleagues contends that his HTC TytnII is better, but he is clearly in the minority.

I suppose that I am saying that this is truly still a great phone. I must confess though from a toys perspective I am looking at getting the Apple iphone to test alongside the Nokia.

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Mike • July 31, 2008

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