The Running Commentary

Will there ever be another iPhone moment?

I believe the next step will come from outside the current base of manufacturers, maybe I will be proved wrong, but if last nights “event” is anything to go by, I think not…….


PHAT it is Sexy it ain’t

I have been given the priviledge of evaluating the Nokia N900. Let me start by saying that I am no techno buff.  I have a passable understanding of mobile devices, but am addicted to them.  I am not entirely sure what I did before they arrived on the scene, but enough of that…… My evaluation…

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Nokia losing hold on smartphone market?

I would put myself firmly in the ramp up stage of the consumer curves so Nokia you need to take heed of your research, I think that you may be losing market share faster than you have alluded to in your reporting.

Iphone continues to amaze

I continue to marvel at the iPhone 3gs. Most importantly for me is how the interface works. I am fascinated by the sheer number of applications that are out there. The exchange server functionality is awsome. Working with this device is becoming easier with each passing day. Speaking of which, I plan next week totest…

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Lets see if it works

This is my first post using the iPhone application I will be blown away if it works! So if you can read this then wow

Social Networking driving larger ad spend

Social Networking is increasing become a target of advertisers around the world, as they understand the power of positive brand endorsement. The increase in the amount of Smartphones like the Apple iPhone, Storm, Nokia E90, Palm, HTC and the like, means that this spend is increasingly going to move to the mobile social networks. A…

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Apple MobileMe turn it off Steve (remotely that is)

Below an article from the Coolest Gadgets web about Apple’s MobileMe application. In light of my previous post about how Big Steve is watching you, maybe he should simply “turn of this malicious application until the problem has been repaired” Members of Apple’s problematic Mobile Me community have a new headache as the service, which…

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Which cellphone (mobile) is for me?

I get asked a number of times a day, “Hey Mike which phone should I get?” Generally I answers these with “What do you want it for?” and then we talk and more times than not we end up not agreeing on my answer, basically because the person has a predetermined position at the start…

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