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Nokia N8 a street view perspective (part two)

So I have had the Nokia N8 for a little of two and a half weeks now, although I must confess that for  4 days I was away last week it had to stay at home. The rest of the time it has been a trusted companion. This is the second of three posts on this device, and will cover a couple of the things I have come across, plus elaborating on the observations from my first post see here

So far the device has continued to score highly on the coolness test and after I have customised my front page it seems to have attracted even more attention. I am running my social media and gmail account on the front screen. I also have a link to the music player.

The N8 has a fairly rapid response most of the time although I have noticed that there is a lag from time to time when selecting operations in certain applications. I must confess that I am not too fond of the opening through OVI window for some of the start-ups.  The speed of the device is fairly comparable to the iPhone 4, although “under load” the N8 does stall on occasion. While these stalls have recovered by themselves, they can cause some slight irritation. 

I like the idea of scrolling through the social media “all activity” option, which allows you to view your various social media interactions.  Given the great screen resolution, you are able to view even the smallest of images in farily good detail.  This screen resolution does not compare to the iPhone 4 but certainly is very good and ranks right up there, when compared to other devices. 

As mentioned in my previous post the user interface is typical Nokia, but refined, my thoughts remain on this point.  The phone is easy to navigate around on and most anybody would be able to set-up and control the device with ease. I am still really enjoying the camera on the phone and the clarity on the video option is something else.  With the cords that came in the box, connecting to you television turns this into a nifty playback device too. 

I have been rather poor in exploiting my “comes with music” option, something that I will be remedying quite soon.  So far I have only downloaded 1 album from the OVI store. The application portal is growing by the day and I hope that we will see the offering expand even further.

I did play a bit with the maps option on the phone. This is a really great solution for Nokia and offers probably one of the best navigation tools around.  The walk and navigate option is particularly cool and something that will earn them (Nokia) much praise.

If I have one complaint so far, it is the inability of the twitter client on the phone to RT posts in Twitter.  As most of you know I am particularly addicted to Twitter and this has caused me a bit of frustration.  I am told that Nokia are working on a solution for this.

Next week I am due to take it out as my complete solution. I will be turning off my iPhone 4 for the week and will see how I am able to go without this safety net in place.

I am still convinced that Nokia have delivered a quality device in the N8 and the tools surrounding it e.g. the OVI store will help to grow it’s stature.

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Mike • November 8, 2010

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