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Madiba and Malema a meeting of the minds……NOT!!!

question markWell it was with some dismay that I read that Madiba gave Julius Malema an audience. I would guess that it was to try and provide Julius with some words of wisdom.  ‘Oh, this is the man who talks a lot and is very famous’,” Mbalula said after the meeting.  I guess this was as positive a thing as could be said.

I say that I was dismayed only because I am unsure why the ANC would even let this happen. Julius Malema really did not have to meet with Madiba. He certainly has too big an ego to really listen to what it is that Mandela would have said, I fear he may even come out saying that he somehow received Madiba’s endorsement.

Bad call here, I cannot see what would have been gained by this meeting. Looks to me like the ANC is pulling out all of the stops to try and stem the flow of votes away from them. Too little too late I fear or hope!

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Mike • February 23, 2009

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