The Running Commentary

We need a jobs agenda and nothing else…….

Our largest trading partner, in the form of China, with probably one of the worst human rights records, only has around 4.1% unemployment rate (urban)…..


ANC and the Dalai Lama

It would be remiss of me not to comment of yet another huge lapse in judgement and decision making made by the “ruling party”.  If you do not know, then which rock have you been hiding under, the ANC government has refused a entry visa for the Dalai Lama into South Africa. His mission to attend the 2010…

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Hamilton must win China

With first practice out of the way, and only moments to go until the second practice finishes, Lewis and Massa need to both show that they are potential world champions. Certainly of the two Lewis was burdened with this mantel from the beginnings of his career. Lewis managed to draw the first blood on the track…

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