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Cheune must go!!!!


To come out and say sorry for deceiving the South Africa public and expect to retain your position is ludicrous in the least. Any self respecting individual would stand up and say, “sorry I lied and herewith my resignation”

This is the same man who was blaming “racist South Africans” for the whole Caster affair.

The athlete was let down by her federation, they did not do the correct thing when they chanced her onto the world stage. They were trying to play to the South African dream scenario once again. 

I think that the people coming to power need to realise that the South African euphoria has died down some. We are simply part of the global stage now and therefore will be treated as any player on the global stage would be. We cannot expect to trade off the “miracle of 1994”, we must take our place at the table and contribute.

If we insist on trying to guilt the world into letting us “work out our fledgling democracy” we will never gain any traction on the world stage. We have one of the best financial systems on the African continent, we are the leaders in many sphere’s on the African continent. We therefore need to show that we mean business.

Therefore Mr President you have only one choice in this matter. If Mr Cheune does not want to step down you must force him to leave. Along with the country he has misled you, if for only this reason, he should be taken out of his post.

Once again I state my outrage at the way ASA handled Caster Semenya and again I say, if the tests from the IAAF show that she should not have participated, then she should sue ASA.

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Mike • September 21, 2009

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