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Cartridge World….Green and Cash wise


I needed to replace my cartridges on our printer at home and dutifully set-off to spend our hard earned cash on the requisite cartridges. Before leaving my wife said I should go to Cartridge World, just up the road from us.

Big praises to the wife for this suggestion as not only did we save over 55% on the cost of the originals, but we, at the same time, appear to have helped the environment.

While there I learned that it takes some 450 years for a laser cartridge to bio-degrade!  That you can remanufacture a laser cartidge 40 to 50 times. This means that if you own a laser cartridge it is unlikely that you will ever need to have new cartridge in the life-time of the machine. Ink-jet cartidges can be re-filled 8-10 times.

I was really chuffed to stumble onto this supplier. Really cool bi-product is that I get to publish this post under Corporately Green and Great Ideas at the same time!

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Mike • September 22, 2009

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