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Julius Malema and his mouth once more….


Once again the great orator that is Julius Malema strikes again. This time commenting on the fact that Blade Nzimande need not defend his purchase of a R1,1 million BMW 7 Series. He argued that Blade Nzimande had followed the handbook and therefore had not broken any rules.  In conclusion adding the following phrase:

Your morality is not my morality”

Julius you appear to be well in touch with your constituents. Please explain how “moral” it is for Blade to be driving around in a car of this worth. Talking directly to your constituent needs, if this same amount of money were invested in RDP style homes you could have built 24 homes (assuming R 45000.00 per home)

So if I read you correctly, “morally” you are okay with this and you are able to stand up and defend this fact. Sir you are a braver man than me…..I am not sure that I could stand in front of the people facing the most basic needs and say “you know what the book says I can buy this car. I know you need that house and water and electricity and hospital services, but I am going to buy the car”

Me thinks that an urgent revise of the hand-book is required….

In closing – Shot Julius! I am happy that my morality is not your morality!

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Mike • September 4, 2009

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