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Another poor judgement call…


On 19 June this year the department of arts and culture hosted an event to mark minister Lulu Xingwana’s budget vote.

The event for 320 invited guests cost around R 230 000.00 or a budget of R 700 per head.

Once again we will hear that this was a budgeted for cost, i.e. it is allowable for a minster to congratulate themselves on their budget speech. Yet again though we need some perspective, this amount of money could have bought 5 families and RDP house for life. Equally it could have fed 15 000 people a day for two months!


We cannot continue, in this specific period of the countries growth and development, to make these kind of spending decisions.

Jacob Zuma you need to hold your ministers to account. You need an urgent review of the policies and handbooks that are doing the rounds.

I am hoping very much that we are not simply changing the flow of money from the Mbeki clan to the Zuma clan!

So today I award the dung ball to minister Lulu Xingwana for what I consider poor judgement in expenditure. p.s. the venue cost was zero she used the Artscape!

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Mike • September 7, 2009

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