The Running Commentary

Mugabe “Zimbabwe is my country!”

“It doesn’t matter what happens, Zimbabwe is my country,” the veteran leader told delegates at the end of his Zanu-PF party’s 10th annual conference. The above statement says it all, this idiot truly believes that Zimbabwe is his, i.e. it no longer belongs to the people of Zimbabwe. Even more ludicrous is that he believes…

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ANC may lose two thirds majority!!!

Many people have asked me, over the past two weeks, what I felt the political landscape would look like post the elections in 8 months time. So I decided I would put down my views and see if anyone agrees or disagrees with them! The ANC will win the election (sheer volume of votes will…

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Who’s really in control here??

The resignation by cabinet ministers speaks directly to two issues: 1) These ministers, while hiding behind the statement that “we served at the pleasure of the president and therefore the correct thing to do is to step down and allow the new administration to elect new ministers” have shown their true loyalty.  They are saying…

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