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iPhone 3gs the mark of productivity…

apple iphone

I have had this phone now for the past 3 months…I continue to build on the notion that Apple have truly understood how to make a great product.

The interface on the phone is phenomenal and the applications that are continually being developed increase the value each day.

While many other brands are releasing phones with social networking capabilities, they all pale in comparison to the Apple store apps. For literally R 15.00 ($2.00) I have two applications on my iPhone that allow me to follow and post to Twitter. My Facebook application allows instant access Facebook.

using Flickpic I upload images to Flickr and using the WordPress blog app I can post directly to this blog.

It goes without saying that I am impressed at the email interface (I have mentioned this before) with Microsoft exchange server.

The only real frustration for me, as a previous Nokia champion, is the inability to send a receive “business cards” in the Nokia fashion. So let’s set Apple a challenge build this ability in the next software upload and you may rule this space once and for all.

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Mike • September 30, 2009

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