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1.4 million euro per race….

new mclaren 2009

The glitz and glamour of formula one¬†has¬†certainly once again been confirmed…. If the reported annual package of 25 million euro that Alonso will be paid by Ferrari is anything to go by.

Many of my regulars will know that I think that he is one of the greatest drivers in the current field, so I am happy for him that he will will race for Ferrari. He certainly deserves the opportunity to drive for a team that may be able to build a car to finish one or two in a race.

This move certainly leaves me in somewhat of a quandary though. I have been a loyal support of Mclaren for the past 20 years. This support is very strong, but what few know (except for Mr D) is that I really support any team that beats Ferrari.

Many of the drivers that have taken up this drive have also been on my “hate” list, yes even the great Michael Schumacher. I think I had better clarify “hate” at this point…..Hate in the way you hate watching your team lose while acknowledging a great performance by their opponents.

Anyway, I guess, despite the mess that F1 is in currently you still have to love this sport. I may secretly cheer Alonso on, but only if he is behind a Mclaren driver….

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Mike • September 30, 2009

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