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Hamilton victory while I did not watch

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As many will know I seldom, if ever, miss a formula one race. My wife particularly dislikes this habit of mine, given that it most often kills of a Sunday afternoon and maybe a Saturday as well.

This Sunday we had a family braai (barbecue) which would usually not have stopped me from watching, but I must say that I felt different. I elected to say “no” to Formula One. I elected not to even watch the highlights package so am not even sure how the race went down.

What is your point I hear you saying….well my point is that I am still very disillusioned about the goings on in the sport topped of with the Renault scandal.

I feel that the sport has let the fans down in a big way. F1 needs some work and we need to see people taking account and moving on. I was shocked to read that Fernado dedicated his third place finish to Flavio. I understand that the team would have a strong bond and great relationships are formed, but you cannot as the team leader instruct one of your drivers to crash!

This is complete insanity….

Anyway I won’t stay away long because I do still get a thrill out of the sport and yes it is a bit of escapism for me, but please let’s get the sport clean now. If there are any more issues let’s get them out now so that so that we can get back to racing.

Hamilton might not agree with me wanting to watch again though.

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Mike • September 28, 2009

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