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Mclaren with some work to do!!!

f1_mclarenchrome-1a.jpgSunday’s race was filled with some promise, Heiki showed what the Mclaren could do despite being in 10th. Lewis certainly went for it, but once again made a fairly rookie mistake, breaking too late resulting in him crossing the curb. Lewis it would seem is not unlike Fernando Alonso, who also makes these types of mistakes. The only consolation for Lewis is that maybe him can emulate Fernando and become world champion.

This is going to be difficult , especially when you look at the time sheets and see that Hamilton, even after he had an open track after his drive through was only able to achieve the third fastest time.

Never-the-less Heiki did show that they could at least compete.

We need to see what the team can do to improve the car for the next race. Silverstone should be a good race for Mclaren (it is after all their home race) so hopefully both drivers will be equipped to pull out an excellent result. We need a one two finish in order to dent the leader at the top of the board.

Hopefully Lewis will do what he says he intends to do “get back on Monday and get prepared, not focusing on the media”

Good luck Leis you are going to need it, particularly with the dogs for pressmen that you have in your country.

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Mike • June 23, 2008

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