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A Criminal is a criminal and that’s it….


This post stems from a frustration that I am having, about the way people justify their actions. I have over the past few days been privy to a number of conversations about things people do and how they justify their actions.

The first, allegedly (I use this because we are told this is politically correct), policemen and woman and short filling their vehicles and then buying coffee and the like or the remaining slip value. The justification, we are not paid enough so we need to do this. Well it is a very short trip from this to eventually buying all of your groceries on the tax payer account. Equally how can you call yourself and officer of the law and be a criminal at the same time.

Before your say I am bashing the police…

The next example some guy does not like the local laws that you cannot go to the beach with alcohol because he believes it his right. Wrong the law says that this is prohibited and for good reason, because many people abuse the right to consume alcohol get drunk and cause a spectacle of themselves and even endanger others.

A simple education process, once a law is in place (whether or not your agree with it or not) you need to abide by it, if you don’t then you are a criminal, as guilty as theft or murder. We must move away from trying to grade criminality ourselves, we must leave this side of it to the law makers. Instead we have to focus on ridding our country of crime by removing our entitlement culture.

I know this sounds a bit soap boxy and a little preachy but I do think for this country to truly stand out from the rest of Africa and lead it into the global player we know it can be, then we need to rid ourselves of crime.

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Mike • October 17, 2008

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