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How the media closed the McCain campaign

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Sarah Palin came out of nowhere and did not want to give the media any time initially and for good reason given the way she, like like likes to speak.

Clearly the media decided to show her up, they opened up her past and brought all of the dirty laundry out into the open.  Effectively after some initial rallying with the more evangelical party base has really been reduced to McCain’s running mate.

On a more conspiratorial level, perhaps the “fathers” in the republican party new that McCain was going to lose (I say this without the election having taken place) thanks to President Bush’s really poor record. They thought let’s put a guy in that can shake it up, sure McCain is republican, but let’s face it he is not the typical republican. If McCain did manage to pull it off then they would have been somoething that they would have had to deal with, but this was always going to be unlikely. 

They tried to put forward candidates that are “democratic” republicans, the media, in effect showed this up (and I am sitting in South Africa) and I am sure that the electorate has seen straight through this,  in effect sealing their demise.

Was this election a calculated loss by the Republican Party? We do not know and time will only tell.  They must have know the financial crises that the incumbent is going to face and have decided let’s drop this one and come in like the hero’s the next time around?

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Mike • October 16, 2008

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