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lionI am not sure how to begin this post, and I am sure that there will be a very mixed response from people out there, but here goes. I was listening to the Radio on my home and heard an interview with a guy who had been been endured an attempted hijacking / robbery.  The gist of the story is that he arrived home and three guys were laying in wait for him.

The victim, saw the three guys running towards him in an “aggressive” fashion, brandishing firearms. He was himself armed and drew his firearm and shot one of them in the chest after which a “fire-fight” ensued. The two other suspects then fled the scene.

I have a number of friends who have been through very tough violent experiences and I bear these in mind as I write this post.

So where are you going with this….I am becoming increasingly concerned at the aggressive nature of the crime, but can’t help drawing comparisons between a gun carrying culture and the increase in the level of violent crime. Statistically this (South Africa) is a violent country with a violent and past.  Perhaps some of the issues of the past are to blame for the current levels of violence. I know that authorities are making it more difficult for people to own weapons and I am completely behind them in this move and hope that this will bring the levels of violent crime down.

I fear that the reaction of the guy that was caught in this situation may lead to the “two that got away” becoming more violent and the next time around they will not simply run towards someone in and aggressive fashion, but will start shooting immediately.  I know the many people are going to disagree with me, but I feel that in the same way people are gearing up to take on the criminal element, that the criminals now simply gear to treat all of their victims in this way.

I obviously could not end without a plea to the police to be more visible and to all of us out there to be more alert. I am a member of my neighbourhood watch and we conduct our patrols with flashlights and a walkie talkie, we have seen huge successes in just creating a strong visual presence.

Be Safe – consider joining your local watch……

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Mike • May 16, 2008

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