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Who I am makes a difference….

bulbAs mentioned before I really love great ideas, the one below I think is really awesome and I think if you follow this you will really be able to honour those that influence you.

 The Who I Am Makes A Difference® 10-Step Blue Ribbon System

Step 1 – Focus on the good:
Find someone to acknowledge. Sit or stand in front of the person you want to honor. Show them the Blue Ribbon, words facing them, make eye contact (if it is appropriate to that culture), smile, speak their name, and…

Step 2 – Affirm the words: Say this is a Blue Ribbon that says Who I Am Makes A Difference.

Step 3 – Express your appreciation:
Tell them how they make a difference! Examples: I admire your for going for your dreams You always have a good word to say about people.You take time to help me with my work.

Step 4 – Respect their choice to receive your gift:
Ask if they would accept your gift when they say YES, then ask for permission to place the Blue Ribbon on them (if they can’t wear it, ask them to put it in a place where they will be able to see it and always be reminded that who they are makes a difference.)

Step 5 – Give them this lasting symbol for positive change:
Place the Blue Ribbon above their heart pointed slightly upwards and say, “I’m placing this ribbon above your heart toward all your best dreams coming true!” Say, “YOU ROCK! I BELIEVE IN YOU! GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!”

Step 6 – Lighten them up and cheer them on:
Point to the globe on the ribbon and tell them “Inside of this globe are cheerleaders, cheering you on for your dreams. I am one of them. To get the whole community jumping for your dreams, I’m going to put a “Spark” by placing my finger on the cheerleaders and saying BING! (You both ought to get a laugh out of doing this, which helps people to lighten up and know that positive change can be fun).

Step 7 – Connect heart-to-heart:
Hug, shake hands, smile or do whatever comes naturally to you and the other person.

Step 8 – Give them a chance to be a Spark for others:
Present two extra Blue Ribbons and two copies of the Who I Am Makes A Difference® Story so that others will have the opportunity to become Difference Maker “Sparks” and make a positive difference in the world.

Step 9 – Always acknowledge the best in yourself and others:
In the spirit of the Blue Ribbon always display your ribbon on your computer, wall, mirror, visor or wherever you can see it to remind you to think good thoughts about yourself and others as often as your can.

Step 10 – BONUS … Have fun making a difference: If you can’t always think good thoughts about yourself and others, take your Blue Ribbon off, turn it upside-down and you can think anyway you want. When you’re ready to think good thoughts again, turn your ribbon right-side up and experience, once again, how much you can make a difference.

Click on the link to take you to the web site where you can purchase ribbons if you like. Who I am makes a difference

Let’s show those that make a difference in our life that we have noted this…..

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Mike • May 17, 2008

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