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Social brands continuing

Continuing from my last observations and questions around brands in the social media space.

I have been in the Facebook space for sometime now. The brands in this space operate in the same way as placing ads in newspapers. I think that they believe they need to be there. Do they really need to be ?

I am not going to give my view yet…

In the Twitter space, certainly I don’t see a bunch brands entering yet. The rate at which corporates are blocking this access shows that they are following a preventative approach.

I am convinced that people will find alternative ways of access. I use my iPhone for example.

Clever brand strategists should surely be working on plans on how to position themselves in this arena.

What excites me more though is the thought that “smaller” brands are going to dominate this space. This domination is going to cause them to explode in terms of growth.

Anyway I am becoming increasingly convinced that social media positioning is crucial!

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Mike • October 17, 2009

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