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Well done Jenson

new mclaren 2009

After what can at best described as an eventful season, at worst a shocking year, for Formula One, it was good to see Jenson take the title of World Champion.

Heaven knows that he deserves it after many years of driving for teams that could not deliver the result.

The race this past weekend was really eventful, in fact the whole weekend was really knife edge stuff. The rain as always playing a part. Fires in the pits, rookie drivers swerving all over the track, nose cones aplenty. Certainly very entertaining.

With the driver shake up in full swing I think that we are going to have a potentially firey 2010 season. I am most certainly looking to see how things are going to pan out, with some strong personalities in almost every team

So with the last race of the season coming up, let’s hope that it is a strong leap for F1 as a whole and becomes a precursor to a strong 2010 season for the fans.

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Mike • October 20, 2009

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