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Picked this snippit up when I was checking upcoming running events. I really love to see it when people band together to support a cause. This call is particularly relevant in light of the Caster Semenya issue.

Silent Protest – Soweto Marathon.
All runners are advised of the Silent Protest scheduled at the Soweto Marathon on 1 November. At the firing of the starter’s gun at 6am, runners will remain standing on the start line for 2 minutes in a show of athletic ubuntu.

The protest, done in the presence of national TV and leading South African media, is to remind the national federation and local organising province that those two bodies have failed in their collective responsibility to place the interests of athletes at heart and the administrators have in essence undermined the sporting code.

Furthermore, the athletes wish to prompt and to urge all administrators to consider the hundreds and thousands of mainly recreational and some part time professional athletes in this country, that as elected officials; acting free of race, gender, religious or political conviction, they are accountable for their actions and that they must follow clear governance with good consciousness and restore the credibility of the sport.

This we demand for the benefit of athletes, supporters, sponsors, all administrators and other athletic stakeholders in South Africa. 

Issued in the interest of the sport. Feel free to pass on.

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Mike • October 21, 2009

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