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F1 better get your house in order….


I have been extremely disappointed by the issues that have gripped F1 this season, the latest of course being the scandal around Renault and the now infamous “crashgate”

My extreme disappointment comes from the fact that the sport is being crippled by idiots. The decision by Flavio to persuade Piquet to crash in Singapore was ludicrous to say the least (If this was the case).  Renault advising that they were not planning to contest the allegations would appear to add some fuel to this.

Equally, Piquet needs to have his head examined. Why would you possible risk your life by trying to stage an accident, you could have been killed!

My honest view on this is that, if it can be proven that the Renault team conspired to give Alonso a win in Singapore, that criminal charges should be brought against them. This certainly should be put down as a charge of attempted murder? This would be akin to match fixing in cricket or any other sport and we all know that people can be charged criminally for that.

Piquet equally should face charges, in Singapore for example to attempt suicide can attract a prison sentence of up to one year.  If you deliberately tried to crash, the outcome of which may have been death, are you then not attempting suicide? He was in Singapore and therefore under their laws so that would mean he should face criminal sanction.

Anyway, I am sure that some will be thinking that I am being a little over the top, but I feel really strongly that the image of F1 is fast being tarnished. The outcome for the Renault will be the likely exit of team Renault from F1 and that then ends the careers of some 700 employees.

So in my opinion we need to see severe sanctions imposed on these individuals to ensure that we do not have a repeat of such foolishness….

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Mike • September 18, 2009

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