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F1 Responds with some help from Mother Nature


So, to be fair to F1, I am writing this post to say how exciting Sunday’s race was. I must say that I think it was in no small way due to Mother Nature’s help. I think that she may have also felt cheated had she to endure another processional race. The result was not predictable and I must say that I thought a great show was put on.

It was good to see the grid mixed up and people fighting and jockeying for position. One has to feel for Sebastien Vettle, who may have one this race, once again let down by his car. The race was fantastic with many over taking moves and some excitement around whether to pit or not.

Lewis Hamilton, clearly upset with his teams decision to pit him, even said as much over the radio. This was probably the low-light of the day. I can understand that he may have been frustrated but to put a comment like that out on the airwaves seems really poor.  My contention is that if you, as the driver, feel strongly about the issue then you need to voice it. Blaming the team was lame in the extreme.

Some may argue, in fact, that Hamilton failed to drive correctly. He more than made up the ground to the Ferrari boys and failed to capitalize and overtake. So Lewis maybe a little self reflection is required?

It was an awesome Sunday race day. I hope that we see many more of these during the remainder of the season.

Long Live exciting F1

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Mike • March 30, 2010

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