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F1 Responds with some help from Mother Nature

I think that she may have also felt cheated had she to endure another processional race

Formula One – open letter to FIA, Teams and Drivers

Sunday’s race sucked! There was no sparkle, no strategy, no excitement

Mclaren Win

I was delighted to see Lewis race the Mclaren team to their first victory this season. One only hopes that this will be the start of more success this season. In terms of on incident filled weekend, I am not sure that we could have handled anymore than we got. It would be remiss of…

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Brazilian drama!

Lewis Hamilton proved me wrong, but not through spectacular driving, but rather because Timo Glock could not handle his “dry tyres”. I must say that as a Mclaren fan I am obviously ecstatic about the win in terms of the drivers champion and I think that this might just be the impetus to get Lewis on the road to…

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One Week to go…

Well there is a little under one week to go until the final Grand Prix of the year. The pressures everywhere are up and the drivers must have more than a little to contend with on the nerves front. The teams to must be on edge and one can only imagine what the team bosses…

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Hamilton must win China

With first practice out of the way, and only moments to go until the second practice finishes, Lewis and Massa need to both show that they are potential world champions. Certainly of the two Lewis was burdened with this mantel from the beginnings of his career. Lewis managed to draw the first blood on the track…

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Japanese Grand Prix hours away!!

In just under 20 hours time the race weekend officially starts in terms of the Japanese Gand Prix. It appears that the race will be run in dry conditions, with only some cloud cover predicted for the qualies. The means that the qualies will be interesting, given the Ferrari preference for warmer weather. The championship is…

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