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Formula One – open letter to FIA, Teams and Drivers

Dear FIA, Formula One Teams and Drivers

I have decided to write this letter as it in some way allows me to deal with my frustrations, I truly do not expect to receive a response, although it may be nice.

I have waited to read as many observations around Sunday’s race as I could, this to ensure that I was not alone in feeling disappointed.  I clearly am not. While I am not a journalist, I am an F1 fan, I have been for more than 20 years now.  This letter really comes from the heart, of a fan.

Sunday’s race sucked! There was no sparkle, no strategy, no excitement. Even watching Fernando on the podium was a joke! Had Sebastian’s car not given in, the race would have finished pretty much in qualification order. He knew that the press conference even felt awkward, because in truth all of the drivers had driven their cars to the best ability and only bad luck promoted them up the ranks.

One commentator called it processional and that is what it was. NASCAR is more exciting than this and they pretty much follow each other on an oval track!

Even at the height of team dominances during the history of formula one there has never been such a boring race. It was a formula one critics dream: “I don’t understand how you can sit and watch car’s drive around and around the track”, is a sentence many fans have to deal with. Our response has always been: “This is the height of motorsport, brimmed with the best technology, the best strategy and minute detail”

On Sunday I felt cheated!

There was no significant strategy to speak of, the race was pedestrian and the outcome seemed a foregone conclusion.  We need strategy returned to the sport urgently.  Re-fuelling was one of the ways to accomplish this.  I understand the rationale to reduce the cost and lessen the barriers to entry, but surely we have reached a dangerous result.

Fans will vote with their feet and If you do not have fans you will no longer have sponsors. No sponsors, no race, no racing, no formula one and ultimately no jobs for the teams and drivers.

So my appeal, get the excitement and unpredictability back and quickly. The hype that was created leading up to the race was not delivered.  

The teams and drivers need to sort this out and quickly!

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Mike • March 17, 2010

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